The following is a list of registered repair facilities for this community.

* indicates the facility has not attempted enough repairs to be ranked.
** indicates the facility has had no activity for 6 months.
Westminster Auto Clinic7970 N. Federal Blvd.(303) 429-4878463100.0
Larry’s Automotive7231 Bradburn Blvd.(303) 427-2108387100.0
GO Honda2999 W. 104th Ave.(303) 469-555193100.0
Pickering’s Auto Service Center8070 Sheridan Blvd.(303) 426-15459100.0
Eliot & 72nd Auto Repair2785 W. 72nd Ave.(303) 427-9320840.0
All Around Auto Care7110 Lowell Blvd.(303) 426-1144270.0
Lake Arbor Automotive & Truck-The Emissions Clinic9146 Marshall Pl.(303) 429-7700****
Perl Mack Auto Service Center3750 W. 72nd. Ave.(303) 487-7029****

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